A Premium Burp Blanket plays a big role both during and after feeding a baby. The Premium Burp Blankets are made to protect the parent from stains when burping a baby but they are also soft and comfortable to the touch thus providing the baby with comfort. In addition, a Premium Burp Blanket is versatile and can be used for other purposes when taking care of a baby. Besides a Premium Burp Blanket, there are loads of other things that are essential to have when expecting or when taking care of a newborn. Below we are going to put together a comprehensive list that could be a good starting place for parents and guardians.

The Crib

This is one of the major purchases that would have to be made when expecting a baby. This is where the baby will sleep. Different societies and different countries have their version of cribs, bassinets, cradles, boxes, three-sided cribs etc and some parents prefer to have the baby share their bed with them. Whatever your preference, makes sure to have the sleeping arrangements sorted out before the baby arrives. Make sure whatever crib you get or sleeping arrangements you make meet all the baby crib safety standards. Some cribs do not come with a mattress and so you have to get a crib mattress separately. Make sure the mattress meets all the fire safety regulations.

Crib Sheets, Linens and Blankets

When getting crib sheets, linens, and blankets for the baby, make sure they are made with soft and breathable materials. Get fitted crib sheets made with cotton or linen and get lightweight blankets. Make sure to keep the crib clear and open and so do not stuff it with blankets, pillows, or fluffy comforters or stuffed animals. Having the crib stuffed with these items could pose a danger of suffocation to the baby. So keep the crib clean and airy with no extra items in it.


With a baby, you are going to power through tons of diapers weekly. Thus it is wise to stock up on lots of diapers at all times. Parents might make up to 90 diaper changes in a week so never underestimate how many diapers you’ll need. It’s also great to get some variety so get some reusable cloth diapers to use just in case you run out of disposable diapers unexpectedly. When getting diapers, also get the accompanying accessories such as diaper wipes, soft wash clots, diaper and rash ointments and creams, and a diaper disposal bin.

Baby Clothing

For a newborn, you don’t need a lot of variety. You need to get essential and practical clothing and this means onesies and soft nighties. Get a good amount of onesies like 6 and then a few pairs of socks and sleeper suits.

Car Seat and Stroller


If you live in a city where you need to drive around, then you need to get a car seat. The car seat should be the right type for your baby’s age, weight, and height and it should meet all the industry safety specifications. Get a stroller if you plan to go on walks with the baby or if you live in a city where you have to take the train or bus regularly. There are different kinds of the stroller so get the ones that fit your need more specifically. For example, if you plan to go on runs with your baby, then get a jogging stroller. If you have a toddler, then you can get the two-in-one stroller that is made for a baby and a toddler.

Breast Pump

A breast pump comes in handy when a mother has to be away from the baby or when the mom wants to sleep through the night and have the daddy be on the night care shift. Even if you think you won’t need it, if you can afford it, it always helps to have one handy just in case. It can also be used to release stress on the boobs when the baby is not ready to feed and the boobs are engorged. Also, get milk storage bags or bottles to store the milk after you pump.

Feeding bottles, Bips, Premium Burp Blanket

Speaking of feeding, parents should have all the feeding accessories ready and handy for when the baby comes. This includes feeding bottles, premium burp blankets, and bibs, bottle brush for cleaning, measuring cups for formula etc. It’s also necessary o get certain essentials for the mom too. Some of those are nursing pads, nursing covers, breastfeeding bras, nipple cream, nursing pillow, and some nursing tops.

Bathtime Accessories


Bathtime accessories include the baby tub, wash cloths, tearless baby soaps and shampoos, soft sponges, bath towels, brush and combs, thermostat to check the temperature of the bath water and any other accessories that you might need.

First Aid Kit

It is important that parents talk to their pediatrician to get a lit of first aid items to have in the baby first aid kit. Some basics that are common to get are nail clippers, a thermometer, a bulb syringe, medications, rash ointments, blunt scissors, Petroleum jelly, and sterile gauze etc. Some hospitals also give moms some first aid items in their delivery kit when they are discharged. It is always useful to speak to the pediatrician and get advice on which ointments to buy for example and on which items need to be in the first aid kit.